What is the difference between a classic head amplifier and StompAmp brown?

StompAmp brown is actually a head amplifier. The output power is 30W stomp box seize (should this be size?). The weight is 350g. Learn more about StompAmp brown features here or more details on amplifiers here .

Is StompAmp a digital amplifier?

No, it's a full analog amplifier built with the best audio components.

Can I use a compressor pedal or an overdrive together with StompAmp?

Sure. StompAmp brown has been created to be connected with effect pedals. You can connect compressor pedal or overdrive between the guitar output and StompAmp brown input.

Is StompAmp a tube amp?

StompAmp brown has a warm and raunchy sound, very similar to the best vintage tube amps, but uses a completely solid-state analog technology. This is achieved through various technical circuits including the V-Stack, the high efficiency power amplifier and using the highest quality audio components.

To get an idea of the volume I can expect from StompAmp, which amp can I compare it to? p>

You can expect a volume sound similar to what you can achieve with, to name a few very popular, Peavey Classic 30, VOX AC30, Dr. Z Stang Ray, Cornford Roadhouse 30.

Can I connect a rack effect in the effect loop of StompAmp?

Yes, the effects loop of StompAmp brown is designed to be perfectly compatible with both effects pedals (for which it was created) and rack effects.

Can I use StompAmp in the USA? Do I need a special voltage transformer to power it?

The power supply unit that comes with StompAmp brown is operating at a wide range of voltages (90V to 264V) and allows you to use StompAmp brown in all countries without a voltage transformer. You just need to get the adapter for the US plug or a IEC cable compatible with the US socket. Make sure that there is the ground connection for your safety and regulations, but also to avoid the introduction of background noise

Can I play StompAmp with a DI or speaker emulator?

StompAmp brown is now available with JetLink, the unique speaker emulator built in. StompAmp brown has not been developed and tested to work with third party DI or speaker emulator.

Can I connect StompAmp directly to the Mixer?

You can connect StompAmp brown to the mixer through the speaker emulator output (JetLink). Don’t connect the speaker output other than a guitar cabinet (it is a power output reserved exclusively for connection to speakers). StompAmp brown without speaker emulator can not be connected directly to the mixer but you can connect the Send to a recording sound card with the appropriate software equipped with speaker emulator plug-in. In this case the power amplifier of StompAmp will be automatically deactivated.

Can I plug headphones to StompAmp?

You can connect StompAmp brown with JetLink to a mixer or a headphone amplifier, but you can not plug headphones directly In. Never connect the red speaker output to the headphone, it is very dangerous and potentially damaging.

Can I use a power attenuator?

StompAmp brown has not been developed and tested to be connected to third party power attenuator. Please contact us for specific needs.

What’s the StompAmp power?

StompAmp brown is a 30W amplifier on 8 Ohm

Can I connect a 16 Ohm cabinet to StompAmp?

Yes. StompAmp brown has been developed and tested for 8Ohm and 16 Ohm cabinets (30Watts/8Ohm, 22Watts/16Ohm).

Can I use a 4 Ohm cabinet?

StompAmp brown has been developed and tested for 8Ohm and 16 Ohm cabinets but we can provide a custom unit working with 4 Ohm speakers only.

Can I connect more than one speaker to StompAmp

StompAmp brown is equipped with a single speaker output because has been developed to be connected to a single cabinet input (regardless of the number of speakers) but you can use as much cabinet as you like as long the impedence is (Ohm or 16Ohm. Please contact us for any question or to get specific connection schemes.

Can I use StompAmp just as a power amplifier?

Yes. Please use RETURN as input from any third party preamp. IN this setting all the StompAmp dials will be deactivated.

Can I use StompAmp just as a pre-amplifier?

Yes. Please use SEND as a pre-amp signal output. In this setting the StompAmp power amp will be deactivated. No need to connect any speaker to the red speaker output.

If my combo amplifier gets damaged during a stage performance with the band can I connect StompAMp to the combo speaker to get the gig done?

Sure. You just need to disconnect the speaker jack and connect it into the StompAmp brown and play! Please be sure that the impedence of your combo speaker is at least 8Ohm.

Can I play with 2 StompAmps as a stereo amplifier?

Yes. Check this page for connection details.

Can I play my electric bass through StompAmp ?

StompAmp brown has been optimized as a guitar amplifier but there are no issues in using it with as a bass amplifier.

Do I need to unplug the cambined during StompAmp switch on and switch off?

No need to do it. StompAmp brown has been developed to avoid the classic annoying ‘bumb’ that you can hear during switch on and switch off frommost amplifiers. Please note that most pedal effect are not as cleaver as StompAmp brown so you can get some bumbs coming form them switching on and off the pedalboard.

Can I use StompAmp with a battery power unit?

Theoretically yes but StompAmp brown is a 30W power amplifier that needs 24V/3A DC electric power. It is quite impossible to get it from a standard battery unit for more than few minutes.