The size is incredible.

StompAmp brown has been built to fit the pedalboard perfectly. It’s weight is 350g.
You can plug the guitar directly into the StompAmp input or you can put some effect in between.
The send and return loop is exactly where you need it: close to your delay or reverb pedals to minimize the length of the cables.

StompAmp brown is your ideal travel companion. The power supply is separate from the amplifier to have the flexibility to install the pedals in the best position. The vintage effect pedals are often noisy when installed in the pedalboard, although well built and wired, due to electromagnetic interactions which are not always predictable. The power supplies are often involved in this phenomenon and the relative position between the elements is very important. Since the power supply separate from the head amplifier you can place it in the area of your pedalboard more comfortable while minimizing interactions with the audio signal path. Thanks to its wide range of voltages in which it is operating, the power supply unit (90V to 264V), allows you to use StompAmp brown in all countries. Put it in your pedalboard and your tone travels with you.

30 Watt

The Volume is undreamed from a 30 watts amplifier.

It is a real 30 Watts amplifier for electric guitars built to be the heart of your pedalboard. The sound is great, thick and clearly defined.
You can get the classic clean all the way up to a stunning overdrive. You can use StompAmp brown in studio recording session as well as on a stage performance with your band.
Thanks to the naturally enhanced mid-range response your tone cuts through the mix.

Incredible sound dynamic allows StompAmp brown to preserve your guitar’s natural tone.
The dynamic range is the ratio between your instrument’s signal and the background noise generated by your amplifier’s circuits.
StompAmp brown features high performance low noise fully analog circuits powered at relatively high voltage to get the huge dynamic range that you need to get your favorite tone.
The wide gain setting range allows you to get the classic clean all the way up to a stunning overdrive with shimmering harmonics and without spoiling the note definition.
You can turn the gain knob all the way up and adjust distortion and compression through the volume control of your guitar.

High Efficiency

High efficiency

StompAmp brown is powered by the state of the art high efficiency power amplifier.
The efficiency is the ratio between the input electrical power and the audio output power. The difference between the input and output power is transformed into heat.
High efficiency means that we can keep the amplifier’s temperature very low and the size of StompAmp very small, because no heavy heat-sink or fan is needed.
Moreover, the naturally enhanced mid-range response allows you to get easily through the mix when playing with your band.
The result is an undreamed 30W volume from the tiniest box.


V-Stack: traditionally new.

Reinventing the classic tone stack, StompAmp brown gives you the best of the vintage and the modern sounds. It has been designed to work with single coils or humbuckers, from brilliant single coil to fat and dark mid-range biased humbucker.
To give the same natural response of the classic tone stack circuit StompAmp brown employs high grade audio capacitors.
StompAmp brown employes rugged potentiometer to provide high electrical and mechanical reliability and durability.

StompAmp brown:

  • Output power: 30 Watt RMS @ 8Ohm / 22 Watt RMS @ 16Ohm
  • Input impedance: 1MOhm
  • Input/Output Jacks: 1/4-inch phono
  • Controls: Volume, Gain, Tones
  • Effects Loop: Serial – Send, Return
  • LED: Power on
  • Max overall dimensions – including knobs (DWH, cm): 12,6 x 9,8 x 5,4
  • Weight (g): 350

Power Supply:

  • Input: 90-264 VAC
  • Output: 24VDC, 3A
  • Dimension (DWH, cm) : 13,2 x 5,8 x 3,05
  • Weight (g): 345
  • Power cord: included