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StompAmp brown: the 30 Watt high efficiency head amplifier built to be the heart of your pedalboard.

The sound is incredible: the volume is undreamed for a 30 Watt stomp box size head amplifier. The weight is only 350g.
Inspired by classic vintage amps and built with analog technology, StompAmp brown has a special circuit called ‘V-Stack’ which is specifically designed to give you a great sound from the classic clean all the way up to a stunning overdrive, with shimmering harmonics.
The incredible dynamic allows you to maintain an extreme notes definition by holding the gain to maximum and controlling compression and distortion through the guitar volume to go from clean, to crunch, to lead.
The effect loop, extremely neutral and quiet, is exactly where you need it, close to your effect pedal minimizing the length of the cables and preserving the silence and sound.

Made in Italy

StompAmp in action su YouTube