Mono 30Watts, Dual mono or Stereo 30+30 Watts.

Gibson Les Paul standard (Burstbucker Pro), Cabinet 4×12 Celestion, Microphone Sennheiser MD421 (Played by Igor Nembrini)

Classic setup 30W mono

Classic setup – 30Watts mono

StompAmp brown is the head amplifier built to be the hearth of your pedalboard working together with effect pedals. You can plug the guitar directly into the StompAmp input or you can put some effect in between. The send and return loop is exactly where you need it: close to your delay or reverb pedals to minimize the length of the cables.

The included power supply adapter enables you to use your stompamp in every country thanks to its wide operanting input voltage (90V to 264V).

Schema 700x305

In this setup the guitar is connected to the input through compressor and overdrive pedals. The Delay pedal is connected to the serial effect loop (Send/Return).

Photo courtesy of Claudio Arcallini Classic setup 30W mono
60w stereo setup

Dual mono or stereo setup – 30+30Watts

The stereo 30+30 Watts setup comes from two StompAmp brown and a stereo effect like reverb or delay. Connect a stereo speaker cabinet or two mono speaker to the speaker output. See here StompAmps working as stereo amplifiers with a stereo-Chorus connected at the inputs and a stereo-Delay pedal connected to the 2 serial loops. Compressor and overdrive pedals connected at the input of the Chorus pedal

Photo courtesy of Graziano "Il Conte" Demurtas
60 Watt Stereo Setup