Warranty or guarantee of Conformity

The products sold through our website to a 'Consumer' customer (as defined in our Terms and Conditions) are covered by the warranty on consumer goods, which concerns the lack of conformity which becomes apparent within 24 months from the date of delivery of the goods (EU Directive 1999/44 / EC, also known as "guarantee of compliance", which protects the consumer in case the products have defects in accordance with the contract of sale).

The assurance of conformity applies for example to the case of products that don’t function properly, or do not have the features or quality promised by the seller, or who do not respond to the use for which they have been advertised. If the product that you have purchased directly from us has a defect covered by the Warranty you are entitled to have it repaired or replaced by us.

You are entitled to a price reduction or a contract termination in the following cases:

  • if the replacement or repair of the product are not possible or are prohibitively expensive;
  • if the seller has failed to either repair or replace the product in a reasonable period of time;
  • if the replacement or repair of the product has caused you significant inconvenience.

To determine the amount of reduction of the price or amount to which you are entitled in these cases we take into account the use you have made of the product. Keep in mind that a minor defect for which it was not possible or is too expensive to amend does not entitle you to terminate the contract.


What to do in case of lack of conformity

To enforce the guarantee of conformity it, is necessary to submit proof of purchase from us (Invoice) related to the product and the communication must be made within two months from when the defect is detected. Unless proven otherwise, it is assumed that the lack of conformity which becomes apparent within the first 6 months from the date of delivery of the goods already existed on that date, unless this presumption is incompatible with the nature of the goods or the nature of the lack of compliance.

If it appears that the problem stems from a lack of conformity, will open a dossier (ticket) and you will be assigned a code.

The warranty is voided if the product has been tampered. The anti-tampering label on the bottom of StompAmp must be in order to prove that the product has not been opened. In case this label is spoiled or not properly marked at the time of purchase is required to report it via email. The impairment of the label will void the warranty.

Both in the case of repair and replacement you are required to send the product at our laboratory. If you are unable to deliver the product directly (eg if buying from a distance), you are responsible of the cost of shipment.


Choose your preferred warranty


Premium+1: Upgraded warranty (for online purchase through this site).  
Premium+1 warranty benefit:  

  • Extension of the legal guarantee for 12 additional months.
  • 50% discount on all repair costs (not due to lack of conformity).
  • Free technical support with guaranteed response within 24 hours.
 Period of coverage:  
  • "Consumer" customers: 36 month from receiving the goods
  • "Professional" customers: 24 month from receiving the goods

Premium+1 is free of charge for bank money transfer payments and applicable to "Consumer" and "Professional" customers.


This warranty is added and not merely replaces the legal guarantee of conformity which remains valid in compliance with the law. Price and availability are showed on the product pages. For any question please contact us via email.

For any questions please contact us via email.

 If you are a "Consumer" customer and you have purchased our products through a reseller, you should refer to the same to take advantage of the warranty.

The products sold to a "Professional" customer (as defined in our Terms and Conditions) are not covered by the legal guarantee of conformity but by warranty against defects. For each product purchased by a Professional customer, the latter will benefit from the liability for defects in the goods sold in art. 1490 et seq. (Italian Civil Code); any defects must be reported in terms of art. 1495 of the Civil Code and by 12 month from delivery of the product purchased. Invoice must be available as proof of purchase from us.